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Joyful Life.

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I'm Kirsten, An Expert in Joyful Living

Once upon a time, after a particularly lovely meditation, a wonderful series of images and thoughts cascaded through my mind. The grande finale of the experience was this refrain, "We are sung into being every moment."

We are sung into being every moment.

You are sung into being every moment

Everyone around you is sung into being every moment.

The music of the spheres is ringing us into existence.

What we experience is just a reflection of the frequency to which we are tuned. We are coming into existence all the time. Each moment we are new.  When we relax into this connection, more and more of our whole selves can emerge each moment. We are never disconnected from our source. We are always fully connected. We are limitless. When we know this and accept this endless flow, more and more of our essential being can sing through us. 


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