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Living a Joyful life

Hello! Here we are! I'm Kirsten Sogge, and this is my first real blog post!

Welcome friends!

If I am a little enthusiastic, I will not say I am sorry. That is what happens when I get happy. All my life I have followed what felt deeply good to me. That has resulted in quite a few changes of course, and from the outside might seem odd.

I have lived in Alaska, Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont, Washington, and Sweden, so far. I have taught small children and their parents, managed a photography studio, taught Eurythmy, cooked in restaurant kitchens, and organized several communities, including being a core member of Duwamish Cohousing when it was a sparkle in our eyes all the way through construction and living in it. I'm a Eurythmist, Coach and Laughter Yoga Leader, not to mention Chocolatier.

My 2 kids were adopted from Vietnam, and attended Waldorf School in Sweden. I was married once, for 22 years, to a man who I sadly cannot say I respect.

Erratic, some might think. Following my joy, I say.

I have loved every bit of this wild ride so far, and look forward to more! I am here to share chocolate, laughter, wisdom/presence and love with you who are here.

What I bring to you is all of me, and none of the qualifications matter next to this:

I know how to be present.

It is the most important skill I have learned/am learning.

Are you living your Joyful Life?

Follow for tips on stepping into your joy. Not mine, yours. Each human is as different as one species of animal from another. You love different things than I do. So as your coach I will help you find ways to be more present and joyful in your regular daily and weekly life. Sound good?

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