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4 Truffles in a delightful spring flowers box. These delicious melt in your mouth truffles are made with the very best ingredients including Ecuadorian Pacari Biodynamic Cacao. THis cacao is oppression free and good to the land.


Flavors & Ingredients:

1. Original: 100 percent Cacao, Organic heavy cream, raw honey.


2. Zesty Orange: 100 Percent Cacao, organic heavy cream, raw honey, organic orange zest


3. Peanut Butter: 100 Percent cacao, organic peanut butter, raw honey


4. Salted Almond:100 Percent cacao, Organic almond butter, raw honey, almonds


5. Assortment - 1 truffle of each flavor.


Spring Truffle Box - Limited time flavors 4 Count

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